Who are we and what do we do

Know our task


ProntoTicket.us is a company that provides selling and distribution services for entertainment and event tickets through www.prontoticket.us, one of the most reliable and secure e-commerce sites on the Internet; ProntoTicket.us serves every entrepreneur who wants to promote and sell their products, services or tickets for shows online by linking the system from their own website. In addition to providing an optimal service to the final consumer, offering an exclusive box office open for the sale of tickets to the main arenas, stadiums, museums, theaters and any other place. From the comfort of your home or office, ProntoTicket.us is a service that can be accessed worldwide.

Our mission
For Event Promoters and Entrepreneurs: Maintain and develop a service tool for the optimal sale of tickets for a larger and more demanding audience.
For Consumers: Provide safe, fair and convenient access to the best tickets offered by our allied Businessmen.

Through this system, consumers can ensure their presence in a convenient way at the event site. And in the case of a Canceled event, they will be treated by the same rules of the Promoter, Artist or Entrepreneur to receive a refund.